Transition Coordinator 

Bernie Milstein has been a realtor with Coldwell Banker Burnet for over 25 years. He is an expert in sales and negotiations. Long before real estate at the age of 16, Bernie was a sales consultant of a popular shoe store in Minneapolis.

The best part of his profession as a realtor is assisting buyers in their search for a home, as well as helping sellers prepare their homes for the real estate market and downsizing to condo living.



The Fogel Group


Experience & Knowledge Is Power   

Director of Communications          BA., MA., Tash Casso Fogel is a realtor working under the Coldwell Banker Burnet Brokerage. She enjoys working with sellers, helping them achieve their real estate goals; be it down sizing, up sizing, relocating and or making life changes. 

"Real estate is personal, it requires personalized care and professionalism. We are full time agents and our clients are our #1 focus, 100% of the time. It gives me joy to add comfort and stability to the lives of others." jimmy fogel


President & CEO 

James (Jimmy) Fogel "The House Doctor" Coldwell Banker Burnet has been a real estate broker for 42 years. He refers to real estate as his passion. ​ Since the beginning of his career he recognized that real estate is not about property, it's about people. jimmy fogel Wayzata tash casso

"We are in the people business, technology helps us improve our industry for our clients. One thing technology should not change, replace or water down;  is our face-to-face interaction and personal care to and for our clients".  

​For 40 years Jimmy has been a real estate coach, mentor and instructor, teaching new and seasoned agent's how to master negotiations and close a successful transaction. Jimmy will be seen on most days around and about town wearing a bow tie, his signature style in real estate.


Would You Trust Your Accountant To Fly a Jumbo Jet On The Weekends,  Would You Take Stock Tips From Your Hair Stylist, Is Your Auto Mechanic Qualified To Perform Open Heart Surgery....It Takes More Than Passing An Exam To Become A Proficient Real Estate Adviser! Call Us! Because Real Estate Is What We Do & All We Do!